Kids Programs

Physical Fitness: We sincerely believe that exercise is every bit as important as taking a bath or brushing your teeth. Kids who train with us develop a healthy, flexible, strong body.  We teach kids to get into the habit of exercising and watching their diet.  There’s no better time than now to learn this valuable practice.

Concentration: Kids who take Martial Arts learn to concentrate. In fact, we can’t even begin teaching kids, punches, or blocks until we have a child’s full attention. It’s our first order of business. You’ll often hear Master Lee say, “Charyot”, to which Kids respond “yes, sir!” and to pay attention. You can count on us to help your child develop this valuable skill.

Self-Confidence: You develop muscle by continuously pushing your body’s limits, going beyond what they are capable of, they adjust and you become bigger and stronger.  Building confidence is no different. We teach kids to go beyond what they’re capable of. We challenge them physically and mentally.  Each new belt, each broken board, every sparring match helps the child become stronger and more confident. This confidence is utilized in every aspect of their lives, at school, sports, and eventually in the work place. Our program is the perfect tool to teach confidence.

Self-Defense: Our program is based on Korean Taekwondo and is designed so that smaller and weaker people such as children and women can defend themselves against someone stronger than them. Our focus is on the awareness and how to avoid potentially dangerous situations, how to handle conflict and bullies by using non-physical strategies. Finally, we teach effective physical martial arts to protect children from strangers and dangerous situations.

Goal Setting: Goal setting is a skill we spend quite a bit of time developing. Success without setting goals, organizing, and practicing is just luck. Our belt system systematically teaches kids to work toward an objective, allocating time for practice and ultimately rewarding their efforts with a new belt.

Respect: The first skill taught in our school is the traditional bow. It’s a sign of friendship, humility, and respect. Children learn from their very first lesson that they are expected to respect everyone they meet. But they are especially taught to be respectful at home with mom and dad, and with brothers and sisters. Respect outside school is every bit as important as respect inside school. We tell kids, “You have to become a Black Belt INSIDE before you can become a Black Belt on the OUTSIDE.”

Self-Discipline: It takes tremendous commitment and discipline to acquire a Black Belt. Children learn to overcome their impulses in our program. They learn to put off immediate gratification, and sacrifice time and energy in pursuit of a goal. They learn about patience and respect as well, all qualities of a person who has self-discipline. You’ll find that children are less likely to have tantrums, more patient when faced with obstacles, and over-all more reasonable in the face of frustration.

Teen-Adult Programs

Physical Fitness: Who doesn’t want to be physically fit and healthy, have minimal body fat and have a lean muscular build? I think we’d be lying if we said that looking good on the outside doesn’t make us feel better on the inside. Our Martial Arts programs can give you a higher level of overall physical fitness than you may have every achieved before. The workouts are fast paced, involve exercises designed to develop flexibility, strength, muscle tone, and coordination. Taekwondo works your major muscle groups.

Weight Loss: Besides helping you develop flexibility, strength, and muscle tone, our programs burn calories, and will raise your metabolism. Combined with a healthy diet, nothing will help you trim off those extra pounds faster than Martial Arts. Many of our students have lost between 10-60 pounds! If you’re interested in losing weight and toning, our programs are for you!

Perseverance: a “no-quit” attitude is a must and it is prevalent here at our school. “Can’t” and Quit” are Four-Letter words around here, Perseverance has led people to the top of Mount Everest, and it’s a quality that has created some of the countries most prolific and inspirational leaders. Dealing with failure and bouncing back from disappointment and frustration is what distinguishes champions. Our Black Belt system will teach you how to overcome obstacles and challenges. We will encourage you to always stay focused and remember “Success is a journey, not a destination.”

Self-Discipline: Self-discipline isn’t something that you either have or don’t have, it’s something you do. Every day we make hundreds of decisions, choosing one thing or another. Will it be a donut or grapes, coffee or water, hamburger or salald, television or DoJang (TKD)? In Martial Arts, we help you develop the habit of making healthy decisions with your food, exercise habits, circle of friends, and lifestyle in general. Taking time to evaluate options and having the strength to choose the right ones rather than the easier or faster ones is a skill. We acquire over time with proper internal rather than external motivation. Then you will look forward to challenges because of the awesome power you’ll feel in meeting them head on and conquering and defeating them. Self-Discipline will give you the knowledge that you are in control of your life and everything that happens to you.